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Understanding the Covenant?

What you have to understand is what a covenant really is?

So, I’m married. And when my husband and I came together and said I do. We made a covenant, and we had a contract which were the wedding vows. So, the minister read those vows to us that would be the covenant. We both agree and sign that’s what we committed to. That’s the covenant part of the contract.

So, the vows are the covenant. We both commit to the contract together. What we see is the vows and 2 people coming together agreeing to the vows. And so, the 2 people are the covenant. If one of us cheat the Covenant is broke. That does not mean that the covenant of the wedding vowels is bad. It means that the covenant of the 2 people has been cracked. Keep that in mind when we look at what’s going to go obsolete.

What happened At Siani is that Yah/God brought people that he wanted to be in a relationship with, out of Egypt to Siani. He cut covenant with them, and he said these are the terms of my covenant. And then they went and did the golden calf thing. When they did that, they essentially cheated on Yah/God and so Yah/God got really mad. So, what we know is that they had a heart of stone. They were unable to fulfill the requirements of the covenant, because they made the golden calf that doesn’t mean Yah/God change the vows or nor did he make them obsolete. The old covenant was inferior in the sense that it didn’t take the heart of stone and make it a heart a flesh. It gave them terms of the contract so to speak.

Yah/God was seeking in the new Covenant to give them a heart of flesh. One that would want to obey. Because they wanted to. People equate the New Testament to the new covenant. That’s not exactly right. If you want to look up a new covenant classic text you would go to Jeremiah 31:31-34, or Ezekiel 36:26. So let’s go back to my spouse and me. My spouse and I made that 1st covenant and let’s just say that I’m the one that messed up. My heart was the heart of stone and I cheated on him, but he forgave me, and my heart was turned tender toward him. And then we came and renewed our vows. There would be no need to have new vows, but it would be a new covenant a renewed covenant because we came back together and rejoined. So that’s essentially what’s happening with the new covenant. But because of Yeshua/Jesus the new covenant. He died on the cross raised from the dead and gives us the spirit which is being written on our hearts and because Yeshua/Jesus living in us now we don’t live by the letter of the law but instead.

What happens is we have been given the spirit. Now in which we want to obey. And so now we don’t do the letter of the law, but we still follow our father’s instruction which is what the Torah is. So, we still seek to do the commandments. Minus what was required at the tabernacle or temple. Bottom line is that we still have the same set of vowels. So, it was a ground for keeping people moving forward toward Yeshua/Jesus. But just because he came doesn’t mean the law’s stop. The thing now is that the spirit is now in my heart, and I still follow because I want to. That is the context of Hebrews 8:13. Now let’s look at 8: 7 – For if the 1st covenant (which are the people) have been flawless, there would have been no occasion sought for a second. 

8:8- for finding fault with them (us).

So, a renewed covenant. Then noticed that the writer goes on to Jeremiah quoting it Jeremiah 31 verse 10 I will put my law on their minds and write it on their hearts and I’ll be their guide and they shall be my people. This is a hard concept for people. And it’s that the new covenant has not played out.

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