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The Pearl Within

Part 1 in a series

Ever wonder how pearls form? Why is a single pearl is so valuable in scripture? When you examine how natural pearls are formed, you will find that pearls are formed in the oyster’s stomach when an external irritant, such as a grain or sand, finds its way inside the shell. To protect itself, the oyster releases nacre, which is actually the same substance that forms the inside of the shell. (1). Isn’t it interesting that an irritant is needed for the formation of a precious pearl. The most beautiful things often come out of the irritants or hardships in our lives. There is much to learn and examine about the significance of pearls in scripture.  Matthew 13:46 reveals how a merchant is willing to sell all that he owns for just one pearl. The Kingdom is like a merchant searching for one pearl, not, the Kingdom of God is a pearl. There is a difference here. It must be concluded that this one single pearl is of mysterious and significant value. But yet Yeshua does not speak of this merchant going out and selling the pearl for any sort of money or gain. If it’s worth so much that the merchant sells all he has to obtain it, why doesn’t he turn around and sell it for a profit? Remember this merchant would now be penniless! So what could this single pearl represent? Let us examine another possibility.  

“The Eye of God”

On reading verses about the “Eye of God” we see that His eye is on the righteous and that he withdraws His Eye from those committing abominations or things that God finds disgusting. Ezekiel 5:11 “Therefore, as I live, says the Lord Yahovah, surely because you have defiled MY SANCTUARY with all your idolatries and with all your abominations, so I also will withdraw. And MY EYE shall not spare, and I will not have pity.” Defiling his sanctuary could also be defiling our bodies, our temples. We believers want to honor Him with what we do with our bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 states that our bodies are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. In the following scriptures, we see the opposite description by that He keeps his eye on the righteous.

Psalms 32:8 “…I will counsel you; my EYE shall be on you.” Psalms 34:15 “The EYEs of Yahovah are on the righteous…” Psalms 33:18 “Behold, the EYE of Yahovah is to those who fear Him,…” Peter 3:10-12 “…because the EYES of Yahovah are on the righteous…”

We see a clear contrast here that he will not have pity on those committing abominations, but His blessing will be on the righteous ones. An interpretation can be made that he is watching us through His eye(s), and although that is true, what if it can be interpreted that He actually has a physical eye in us?

In Matthew “the Eye” is defined a little more.

Matt 6:22-24 “The LAMP of the BODY is the EYE. If then, your eye is sound, all your body is light. But if your eye is evil, all your body is dark. If, then, the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” Here, there is a reference to dark and light within us as through the eye. Just as our eyes are sensitive to light and dark receptors, our pineal gland has the same types of light sensitive receptors, thus it derives its name the “third eye”.  The Lamp is the WORD of the Lord (Torah) and it directs or lights our path, according to Psalms 119:105. The reading of God’s word visually comes through our eyes to direct and light our path. Let’s compare Revelation 18:23 “The light of a candle will shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.” We see here that the light once did shine in you but then the light was no more. Just like we have 2 physical eyes to see and read the word of God, what if we have another eye in us that shines by reading and doing the word of God? When we are righteous in the eye of God that this little eye in our brain shines. What do you think could cause this candle not to shine in the book of revelation, during the end of evil? This is not speaking about evil people who never had the light to begin with. This is speaking about once having a light,but then it is no more.

The word “EYE” in Hebrew is the word 5869 in the Strongs concordance and is pronounced “AYIN”.  It is also the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet representing the number 70; means “see with eye(s)”. It is used over 800 times in the Hebrew scriptures. In the Greek, it pronounced, “ophthalmos” given the Strongs #3788; “the eye” also means “the mind’s eye”, “fig”, “the eye” occurring 100 times in the Greek. I can’t think of a better physical place within the human body to describe the “mind’s eye”, or rather “God’s Eye” than the pineal gland. I think the scriptures give us clues to see the hidden minds eye tucked away in our brains, as the pineal gland can be represented by a pearl. Before reading more on the pineal gland and the connection to Gods eye, we must understand and review some of the common practices and some religions that have held sacred beliefs on the “third eye.” This will be reviewed in Part 2 of this series.

  2. The pineal gland: the eye of god comprising chapter XVI of Manly Halls Man: the grand symbol of the mysteries (2015)

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