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“Sing like never before…” Scripture comes alive within this legendary Psalmist!

Photos by The Goshen Gazette.
Marty Goetz live in concert hosted by “Rise” Church in San Marcos, California. 9-17-2022

“Friends of Israel,” is an annual event hosted by Rise Church and Lead Pastor-Greg Denham

I was both honored and blessed to be in attendance at this annual celebration. Being just in town for the day to visit my mother but our heavenly Abba had more in store. The weekend event focus was centered on enlighten Jewish believers to accept and understand Yeshua as the Messiah.

How wonderful it was being in attendance at such a spiritual uplifting event. Guest traveled from as far away as the East cost to be edified in the word and moved by the spirit. We were all astonished to hear such a melodic and powerful voice sing the Psalms, at least I know I was.

The event was attended by a full congregation and friends of the church. All were invited via social media and the event was open to the public. Marty Goetz is amazing and his talent brings you a peace and joy that is beyond measure. This Emmy nominated artist is humble, kind and a delight to listen to and watch perform live on stage.

Mart Goetz speaks on scripture with Rise-Pastor Greg Denham

Marty Goetz, has been singing for nearly four decades and has an illustrious song book with hundreds of songs and dozens of albums to his credit. Just to name a few of my personal favorites; “Hine Lo Yanum,” “He is my Defense,” “The God of Peace,” “Call You Friend,” “Love of God,” “Sanctuary,” “We Will Never Forget,” and of course the amazing duet with his daughter Misha, “Aaronic Blessing.”

I could go on for a few more pages but in the interest of time and space I won’t. Please check, him out for yourself at:

When I asked Marty of some of his most, “Memorable” performance.

His Russia trip to Moscow where he even sang in Russian, that may have been one of the most memorable, Marty says “it was impactful to the calling.” He was also invited on stage for a Dr. Billy Graham event in Central Park, with other famous headliners; Buddy Greene, Cathy Lee Gifford and Take Six. But, family is this artist main focus and only second to Yeshua Hamashiach. Recently he and his daughter Misha were blessed to perform in the holy land looking over Jerusalem. So from; Moscow to San Marcos and Central Park to Israel he has performed almost anywhere you can think of and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon

It seems that the by hand of the almighty Marty’s musical journey has been blessed each and every step of the way.

Devine and Family Inspired support

He first and foremost believes his inspiration is by, “the grace of God,” but he also has an amazing family support system. Marty says, “It is important to see where you came from to know where your are going,” He and his family are a family of believers!

With his beautiful wife Jennifer by his side for 38 years of marriage. Jennifer is not only his supportive wife but also; his critic, manager, agent and executive producer. This is truly a family affair and the family support doesn’t stop here.

His one and only daughter the lovely Misha is an extremely talented performer of her own. Marty says, “she was never pushed, she just grew into it.” When asked Marty stated, “Misha, keeps me fresh and younger and encourages us. She has a strong sense of focus.” Keeping us on social media and she was instrumental in starting up the ‘House of Worship’ during the Covid19 lock down.

Marty Goetz intensely focused on songs of the Holy word.

Mart Goetz inspires and invigorates the crowd. I was truly blessed by our Father to be invited to this wonderful concert last Sunday. The passion and intensity he shows on stage must be physically exhausting. Marty says, “Be true to the Psalms/Songs of the Lord and my music.”

Who would you like to sing with and haven’t yet? Marty says, “Alison Krauss, I like her voice.”

Where do you get your inspiration and motivation to go on?

Marty says, ” by the Grace of God. I have an exhaustible supply of music and inspiration. I want to encourage and edify people and serve the Best, I can! Being a good model, inspire others and keep singing.” Lastly, If you could give a new artist some words of encouragement, “keep doing it, pour yourself into it!”

Marty was a wonder and blessed artist to interview. He is currently finishing up an album and has many new projects in the works to include; working with Michael .W. Smith’s son, Tyler Smith. But he will also be, “Going back to the begging,” writing new songs for the Psalms and do more of “The thing I’m suppose to do and directed to by God’s direction for me.”

To Marty Goetz and family, Thank you so much for your time, talent and prayers and many blessings for a prosperous New Year 5783.

May Adonai bless you and keep you. May Adonai make his face shine on you and show you his favor. May Adonai lift up his face toward you and give your peace. Numbers 6:24-26 CJB

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