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Sabbath in the Bible?

A. Nagar, Omaha, Nebraska-Testimonial

At, 16, I saw Sabbath in the Bible. The elders convinced me I was wrong and we keep Sabbath “spiritually” now. Through the years, I questioned pastors, preachers and etc. They never did make sense. November 2008 I was challenged to study Sabbath from cover to cover. I knew before I started what I would find. At the end, I was a Sabbath keeper. I started out just doing nothing but studying. It’s all I knew to do. I told the Father I don’t know what it really means, but I am a Sabbath keeper, Now, I know no one to trust so you teach me. The next few months I studied every subject I could think of from a new direction. I have never sought humans to teach me. I don’t go down rabbit trails. I don’t’ allow others to shake my foundation.

L.J. Rivera
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