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Platforms, why and what is yours?

There are many platforms. Most people have minimum two.

Platforms are able to reach people from a faraway distance. That’s what’s so great about them. But lately I have been pondering. I have put a lot of thought into how I use my platforms. I put thought into how others use their platforms. For many, it’s a way of showing off. For some it’s a way of putting up a front. For some, it’s a way to get away with bullying. For some it’s a form of getting their business name out there. These platforms are used in all kinds of ways.

But for a few of us. We try our best to spread a message. We try to share truth. May it be the dark holes that rabbits go down. Or may it be the truth word of the Father. Some of us try to share joy and encouragement. Some of us try to use it to glorify the Father. Every time I post I think about my reasoning before hit the post button.

Would the father be ok with this? What message am I sending to people? Will this help someone? Will this encourage someone?

These are just a few questions I think about. How about you? I don’t need an answer, but rather I’m giving food for thought. 

I pray this blesses you. 

Miranda H
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