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Passover or Easter, which mark will you bear?

by Natsarim Way-Auckland, New Zealand

I would like to focus a little bit on Passover/Unleavened bread today seeing that there is no better time as this.

I have noticed for a while that there are so many people putting way to much effort into what the mark of the beast is and ow to avoid it (with very good reason) but what I don’t see is t the same amount of effort discussed on what Yahuahs’s mark is and how to obtain it. Do you want to be sealed with His mark in the end for protection?

The scriptures tell us clearly how to obtain His mark/sign on our right hand and forehead.

“Seven days you shall eat matstsah (unleavened bread), and in the seventh day shall be a feast to Yahuah. Matstsah shall be eaten seven days; and there shall no leaven be seen with you, neither shall there be leaven seen with you in all your quarters. And you shall show your son in that day, saying, This is done because of that which Yahuah did unto me when I came forth out of MItsrayim. And it shall be for a sign unto you upon your hand, and for a memorial between your eyes, that Yahuah’s Torah may be in your mouth: for with a strong hand has Yahuah brought you out of Mitsrayim. You shall therefore guard this ordinance in him appointed time from year to year. SHEMOTH (EXODUS)13:6-10

We need to take this serious and not to be distracted by what the enemy is doing or what his mark is and rather focus on how to stay protected by wearing Yah’s mark, especially for what is coming on the earth. We all have gotten into very ‘interesting’ times of our lives and need to be wise with the time given to us, we do not get to have another shot at this so let’s keep our focus on what is actually important. The Sabbath and Passover are critical in these times as they carry the seal/mark of Yahuah. The picture of Unleavened Bread is that we rid ourselves of the leaven before we die.

Lastly, take this opportunity to really examine ourselves and cleaning out our own house by repenting from all ‘leaven’ in our lives and turn back to Yahuah’s ways before the feast of Unleavened Bread. True repentance and an intimate relationship with Him are absolutely critical for the time ahead so that you can be placed in the shadow of His wings for protection. (This is just scratching the surface)

In the end we can wear only one mark, either His or the beast’s. “You will have to choose to either celebrate Easter or Passover on the same day this year. It is time to choose who YOU will seve and set your priorities accordingly.”

Shalom Family!

L.J. Rivera
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