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Part 2 The Pearl within:  Other Religions & the Eye

By D. Williams

A common place we see the third eye is on the US dollar bill. The occult views this gland as a link between the objective and subjective states of consciousness or rather what’s visible and invisible in nature. As an emblem of divinity, the pineal gland can be associated with royalty, for “the kings were the shadows of the gods upon the earth”.

(2) What about the Egyptians? Did the Egyptians know that reptiles present the highest development of this gland and for this reason coiled the serpent on their foreheads? We know a snake represents Satan in scripture. Why does Satan then have an invested interest in our pineal glands? In Egyptian history, the eye of Horus, the moon-god, is represented as dark and the eye of Ra, sun-god, is represented as light. It begs the question of what else did the Egyptians know that we do not today? What we do know is that they had their own gods, and did not worship the God of the bible. What we do know, is that the occultist topic of this “third eye” is not often talked about and discussed in Christian circles as it is depicted as new age, or another religion. But the Creator must have had a purpose for this gland or he would not have created it. It is curious that even in medicine, the symbol of a paramedic or emergency services shows an image of a snake encircling a staff. The staff represents the spine and is closed by the trap door of the pineal gland. It is believed that the vibrations emitted from the aura of the pineal gland manifest through the spinal cord and so on to the rest of the body. Powerful vibrations of joy, sorrow can thus kill.(H.P. Blavatsky)(2) Physicians swear to Apollo and other healing gods when they recite the Hippocratic oath swearing to “do no harm”.

The pineal gland has also been called “the seat of the soul”. There is a strange phenomenon of something spiritual connection here. Just like Satan distorts and perverts what God created for good, why should the pineal gland be any different?


In Hinduism there is a red dot placed on the forehead symbolic of this “third eye.” to show that spirit sight is not obscured.  Their claim is that the third eye refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. “Several spiritual philosophies contain the notion of an inner ‘third eye’, related to the pineal gland, to which is attributed significance in mystical awakening or enlightenment, higher states of consciousness and extrasensory perception (ESP). Mention of this is found historically in ancient Central and East Asia and also in contemporary metaphysical theories relating to yoga. Dr. Ashok Panagariya, recipient of the prestigious B.C. Roy Award, says that the studies on the two functional units of brain and consciousness and new understanding of psychic phenomena may lead humankind to the ability to induce ESP at will. Pineal gland studies hold a great futuristic link between human and superhuman experiences.

”It is important to note that the pinecone is so sacred within the Catholic Church religion that a pinecone can be found on the staff of the pope and as well a monument has been formed in the Vatican City.

Pause just a moment to reflect on why the pineal gland is there in our heads in the first place. The Creator must have a specific purpose for it beside the physical purpose of hormone secretion. It is well established that the pineal gland holds some sort of spiritual mystery. It must be of great value or Satan would not have multiple hands linked into it by way of other gods and religions. I believe the scriptures hold clues to unravelling this mystery, and that we must be able to explain the mysteries surrounding the true purpose of the pineal gland. He has placed it there in our brains for a specific purpose. Rather than turning to sources like the internet, and other religions to understand this mystery, we should, and we must turn to the bible. In this article, we will continue to unravel what the bible has to say about Gods eye, the link to the pineal gland and a precious pearl, the importance for believers to understand how to keep our gland from being polluted or full of abominations by the enemy.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in this series.

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