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J. Luttrell – Texas

I was in Prison, going to Bible College by corespondents, Studying Regular Christian Theology and I had a guy start to tell things about the Bible and Christianity that did not add up. We argued and went round and round about what was the truth. He started to show me things in Christian Study material that I never knew like , Jesus’s Real Name is not Jesus but Yeshua (Wow  What !!!)  And if one thing wasn’t right. Well I kept looking untill a completely different perspective presented itself , the Hebrew Perspective of his Family Israel , how Yeshua can to reconcile that relationship and as a minister it was my responsibility to bring Reconciliation Not to a church,  not  New but Renewed ..but to Israel . I stopped going to that school and sought out the true , and read any information I that led me to Hebrew ways . I got out and continued studying Authors like Todd D Bennett, Joe Esposito, Lew White and those At Shema Israel , I started to talk and meet at local assembly and could not find a home assembly,  so I got on line (fb) and reached out to find a Local Messianic Assembly in The DFW area  and a lady answered me and said I go to an awesome assembly in Carlsbad NM, Kehilah Yeshua . I said well that’s a little far from me lol…we kept mildly in touch over 9 months  and shared the truth , she was cute , her profile on fb was pretty cool ….long story short in Nov of ,2020 she came and spent Thanksgiving with me and my family we met in Lubbock and spent the first few days of Channukah together , her teaching me about it , and On January 22 2021 We were Married.

Today we Live in Watauga and travel back and forth between Watauga and Carlsbad when we can and minister the truth ….She Crossed Over 12:years Ago  and Me , I came to truth about 4 years ago Really. I was introduced earlier but like I said it took a little to bring to see and Walk completely in the Way ..Everyday is a new day , Revelation so fast and strong it is making my head spin ,Elohim has brought us a long Way in a Year of growth together .. Halleluyah, Halleluyah

He is so Good

L.J. Rivera
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