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How I came to Torah

I became a Christian when I was 16. I was the only 16-year-old in love with God and His Holy Word. I read it as much as I could and prayed as often as I could. Was in church as much as possible. Served as much as possible. One thing about the Gospels was I took everything at face value. One of the very first questions I asked was, “Why don’t we observe the Sabbath? Jesus did” I got the typical seminary answer…that Jesus was our Sabbath. It didn’t make sense because, The Ten Commandments were still in effect as far as I knew. Why was it just the 4th commandment that was not observed? Why did they also say it was a Jewish thing, but all the other 9 commandments aren’t? Such strange things to me. Anyway, I continued in the church, serving lobing and growing. I asked the same question 2 more times with the same unsatisfactory answers, until I was 36. I finally said, “Jesus said we should do greater things than Him” yet we can’t even do the things He Himself did! I started seeking and asking, praying and crying out! My first thought was, ” I want to know what truth is. I cried out that I wanted truth even if everything I ever learned was wrong!” Thats where the journey took off! Around every corner I was learning, growing understanding. Torah became my new love, I then taught myself Hebrew and finding amazing secrets in His Holy Words. I went to Israel-a very large miracle! I started keeping the Holy Days and been growing ever since. There was no turning back. Now it’s not all sunshine and roses all the time, I have my struggles but the peace that passes all understanding guards my heart and my mind. I keep on keepin’ on and I will not stop until my Creator calls me home.

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