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From Kenya with Love!

Testimonial: by Nathan Blair

Good morning from here in Kenya. 

It has been an interesting journey. My real connection with Africa began in 1994 in Rwanda. But for you to get the full scope of how it really affected me we first need to know my background. I was adopted by two Jewish parents as a baby. Being raised in this household was different to say the least. My fathers father in the late 1890s became connected with an interesting character by the name of Charles Taze Russell. This man was the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and my grandfather left his Jewish heritage for this heretic religion. This also became the religion of my father who denied his Jewish heritage, as this religion teaches that they have replaced the Jews.

My father denied being Jewish, telling people he was Ukrainian,”

always making anti-semitic remarks which made myself and my mother’s father very angry.

On the other side my mother’s father who was also Jewish raised as an Orthodox Jew, was completely faithful in his religion and made sure every Saturday I went to synagogue with him. Without getting into a lot of detail you can see the tension, the religious tension for me growing up between the two sides. By the end of it all, believe it or not, I became a born-again Christian at the age of 19. I left the synagogue Yeshevah Torah School and was introduced to a Pentecostal church by another Jewish man a wonderful friend Jeremiah Lexier. I loved the Jewish people and I loved Jesus even more. But it was not all roses from there and I did backslide for some years and no longer went to church, as matter fact for a time I was very angry with God.

I had been in the military from the age of 19 as well where I was stationed in various places. I was in the Canadian military so I got to go to Germany I was also stationed in Japan and in the 80s ended up in Central and South America during the Iran Contra affair…..  Where I ended up in a military prison in Guatemala…. But that’s a story for another day.

Leaving the military in the mid-80s to pursue a wrestling career it was short-lived as well. I continued to pursue things in order to find what my purpose was in life. Growing up I had always heard all of the horrific stories about our family and family friends that had died during the first and second world war as the Jews were persecuted and killed. Even though I wasn’t going to church many times in my depression I would call out to G-d and pray….. and I know now He was working. I desperately wanted to find my purpose in life.

In the 1990s I decided after my failed wrestling career, to just dig in and do everything and just work, so I was very driven and did everything from selling real estate, to working construction, I even connected back towards the military and joined the reserve forces, Canadian reserves. My military background made that very easy as I was the last of the Canadian Black Watch special forces reserve. In 1993 we were asked if we would want to go to Africa to a country called Rwanda to work as peacekeepers. I thought this was what I needed, I needed to travel I needed to get out of North America, and I really felt led to go to Africa for some reason.

Being stationed there opened my eyes to so much, as I saw exactly what my ancestors had seen and been through, especially in the Second World War. I had never before witnessed a mass delusion of hatred of one tribe of people against another. I was literally witnessing what had happened with Adolf Hitler and his regime…. was happening in this small country among their own people and tribes. Our job was to work as liaison to the United Nations peacekeeping troops, we were under their orders. When the violence broke out I could not believe we were commanded to stand down and not engage with any weapons to protect these innocent people from being slaughtered. All I can tell you is that myself and three of my friends left over unit in Canadian military it’s called going AWOL….. absent without leave….

We did our best and we managed to smuggle some families out of Rwanda across the border into the Congo….. now believe it or not we were chased down and I will not give you the details as to who because we still live in Africa and you have to be careful as to what information you give. But I will tell you this, the people that we took out of there, were never captured, but myself and my three friends were chased all the way to Angola where we were captured. We were put into a makeshift prison and to make a long story short my three friends did not make it out alive I was the only Survivor.

I know the One that lives inside of me that pulled me out of that pit of Darkness. I know that Satan is very real and his spirit dwells in many and imprisons their minds and hearts. I have no hatred for any people or any captors as they were imprisoned themselves by the adversary.

Our mission is one very simple mission. To set the captives free !!!! If we are to learn from the Jewish Holocaust from 1939 to 45, then we must realize there cannot be any discrimination against any race color or Creed as we are all one in Messiah !!! My Deliverance was no accident. It wasn’t luck, it was a calling !! My problem is that I had been ignoring the Calling, and I needed to be put into the belly of the whale in order to wake up. I know as I was beaten to near death, thrown off a roof, and Left For Dead, the One that never left my side…… the one that raised Lazarus from the dead has given me a second chance, and a great commission in Africa. 

It is interesting how I was an orphan myself, and then being adopted by Jewish parents, being raised to hearing all of the horror stories of our family’s history, all of the Horrors that had been done to the Jews through the centuries, and now be put in a position where I actually get it.  In scripture it tells us there is no more Jew or Gentile we are all one in Messiah. We all came from Adam and we all came from Noah. We are truly one Nation Under G-d , Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu ve’Elohei avoteinu Elohei Avraham Yitz’chak Ya’akov !! For centuries Africa has been under the same siege, but only a few talk about it, and even fewer act on it !

We are told that in the end times that the good news will be preached to all Nations tribes and tongues. We are also told that in the end He will gather his people as a hen gathers its chicks. We are here too be that voice in the wilderness…..We are here to lead those who hear His voice back to the Promised Land The New Jerusalem. We are looking for like-minded people that have this on their heart. We know many are being called, but they’re not sure where to start or where they’re being called to. I know I am speaking to someone today and this message is ringing like a loud alarm bell in their heart and mind. If this is you please consider becoming a partner with us.

You may not be in the position to put your feet on the ground in the mission field. But I do know there is a part to play for everyone, may it be in finances or even just helping us spread this news to other people in your own communities. If this is you don’t ignore that small still voice that is speaking to your heart. Get down on your knees and pray and ask for guidance and Direction and if this is the direction you are being lead, then by all means connect with us and let’s work together as we are commanded not forsake assembling one another….. remember what it says where two or three are gathered in my name there I am.

Thank you and May Hashem YHVH Elohim bless you in every area of your life.  Baruch Hashem

L.J. Rivera
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