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Have you ever had the thought about the journey of our MASHIACHS last few days here upon Earth & those that He pondered upon from the Pesach (Passover) Upper Room to the Garden of Gethsemane? I have & think to myself, what courage, strength & obedience to His Father! He set as an example for us in the Last days as well!

During this time of year as His Moediym approaches (Appointed Holy Days) His journey there often floods my mind, what were His final thoughts just before His capture & Crucifixion~

We have to contemplate that not only was He YAHUAH’S Son yet born in the flesh as a man to endure every trial & temptation we do! The same emotions He placed in us was at the forefront of His mind, knowing what trials He must endure, lie just ahead! As He prayed in Matthew 26:39 “FATHER if it be possible, let this cup pass from me”, nevertheless, let thy will be done & not my own! So as a Man, we see here that it was not something He was looking forward to but being the obedient Son He was … He laid down His Life for His friends! (John 15:13)

Just as He, (I am sure of) wanted to walk away from this, His thoughts was not on self and not what He would endure as the 2 1/2 inch thorns that were forcefully placed upon His head, or the horrific lashes w hooks that ripped & tore His skin, nor the spikes that were nailed through His hands & feet, pure torture He went through, yet His only thoughts was to obey His Heavenly Father & to ransom His life (no matter the cost) for His Friends!!
So that we too, have the opportunity to enter into those Pearly Gates one day, whether in Heaven above or into the New Heaven/Yerusaliym that will be here upon this Earth (Revelation 21:2)

As I pondered this thought I have come to the conclusion that His only thoughts were US, and that He loved us so much!

J.S. Ormsby
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