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Coming to Yahuah & learning about Torah.

By B. Free

Here my testimony about coming to Yahuah and learning about Torah.

I had been in and out of a Christianity in the past, and in my early 20s I got involved and eventually baptized into the Jehovah’s Witnesses, where I learned that the secular holidays were pagan. I later realized that the JWs were a cult and I left them after my son was born because I wanted him to be able to have Christmas. Since the JWs were a cult I figured they were wrong about holidays too.

I didn’t want anything to do with faith or religion for a few years because of that experience, but then I wanted my son to have a faith in God, so I started going to a Christian church and got baptized in a non-denominational church in 2005 along with my son, and my son still goes to that church to this day with his and serves in the youth group there.

I began studying deeper in 2010 and trying to get answers that I want able to find. I became very frustrated and stopped going to church altogether. 10 years later when the covid craziness began in 2020, it was like Yahuah pulled me back to Him, only this time in truth. I had gotten married in 2014 and my husband was raised Catholic, but he never went to church, although he went to a private Catholic school when he was younger. I told him that I wanted nothing to do with church or religion do he was shocked in 2020 when I suddenly woke up and did a huge about face. Apparently Yahuah began showing me truth on Instagram and I remember being so curious about these “whole bible believers” and the scripture and truth they were sharing. I couldn’t get enough, and I began private messaging some and asking so many questions, I was confused at first about whether they were Jewish. My hunger and curiosity have been insatiable ever since, I can’t get enough! I began reading the bible daily and praying daily and I haven’t been able to watch TV much at all, or movies, or listen to the old music I used to listen to. I used to be into attending a lot of parties and events, very into the social scene. I have now cut out all holiday celebrations as I continue to learn (one thing that the Jehovah’s Witnesses did do right after all). And just recently I found out that birthdays are very pagan too, so I won’t be doing that anymore either. My friends were respectful about the holidays, but birthdays will be hard for them. I am listening to teachings every day on YouTube and continuing to study and grow in my walk. I have shared it all with my mom and my husband and they are not as “gung-ho” as I am, but my husband and I just baptized each other in the name of Yahusha last weekend and my mom is going to do the same, I’m so excited and happy!! I’m now looking for some local fellowship and good music to listen to. I listen to some Christian music but even that’s hard now. Ha ha! Overall, I am just elated and excited to have found the truth and I want to know so much more. I also want to begin sharing truth with others, right now I’m still learning and growing but I’m dropping seeds with many people, especially regarding holidays.

L.J. Rivera
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